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Our Story

In 1987 large quantities of cotton knit trim became available as a by-product from the North Island of New Zealand.  Stuart Warrington, being an enthusiastic recycler, presented a challenge to put to good use.

A chance encounter with a Garden Centre buyer soon proved that the soft, strong yarn with some stretch was ideal for tying shrubs and trees to stakes but in particular tomatoes with their soft stems.

Promotion but mostly word of mouth and reputation created a demand throughout both the North and South Islands and in the popular growing season. In New Zealand, to this day, the ties are still as popular and widely recognised as a preferred alternative to standard garden ties.

Graphic of Plane, NZ and UK

ties in crateNZ to UK

Having spent some time in New Zealand and becoming familiar with the garden tie that Stuart had produced and sold for so many years, it was decided that the garden tie should cross the oceans to reach out to a country with a history of being horticultural. The Soft Garden Tie Company was founded in the UK, and since then has been featured at various farmers markets across the country. We believe in providing a natural, reusable and eco-friendly product that is safe to use, with added benefits of being multi-purpose.