Market on a wet and windy day!

I should have posted a blog about our ‘blustering’ day at Arundel Market but due to a busy weekend it proved somewhat impossible, better late than never!

I’m one of the rare type of people in UK that actually enjoys the ‘British’ weather, dubbed the meteorological Goldilocks, never too hot and never too cold. The constant rain and 2 days of summer is just something I’ve gotten used to. However, when you’ve planned to sell a product at a market the last thing you want is rain… in fact the last thing you want is torrential rain and gusty winds! which is exactly what we had, to say it dampened our moods is an understatement! Unfortunately due to the severity of the weather we only spent around 4 hours at Arundel, so not a lot to say but here are some snaps!

arundel market stalls

Arundel Market rain castle and soft garden twine

Arundel Market stalls photo
Although there was little that happened the other stall holders still had their high spirits which made the journey back to Arundel all that more worth it! Back in September, but for now bank holiday weekend awaits, next stop… Somerset!

Arundel Farmers Market

Another “crack of dawn” start for the preparation for the Arundel Farmers Market. This time father wanted to come for the ride, enabling him to spend an hour or so browsing and probably purchasing another Shipping based book in Kims Book Store just a short roll down the hill from Arundel Castle to the left.  I knew also tempting him with a kick start delicious coffee from The Moathouse Cafe along with one of their smoked salmon sandwiches was another reason to join the road trip. Although our table was pitched with only 6 others around us we came to find the market stretched from River Road, Highstreet and Mill Road, creating a fantastically exciting atmosphere across the town.

Arundel Stall

This was our second time selling our garden ties at the market, the first being a great success with sales and positive feedback (Being placed next to Culberry Nursery helped tremendously)  This time we knew exactly what to expect, we set up the stall pretty quickly and got selling… admittedly the day started off pretty slow but come lunch time people came flooding through. This time around our stall had some new and exciting stock, as last time we only sold our Garden Ties, we now had our Signs by Seasalt and our Organica J after-care balm and soap.

At round 12:30 just before an announcement from the town crier my father and I thought we would check out the competition! luckily there was a young couple selling fresh Guatemalan coffee next to us which I couldn’t resist buying, we got to chatting, they’re based in Brighton and sell both ground and bean coffee from Columbia, Kenya, Guatamala and Ethiopia, if interested you can visit their website here. After all, gardening and coffee go perfectly together!

We not only adore Arundel for its heritage but also because of the people who call it home. The positive feedback for our products was brilliant and it only made us more excited to get back into the market game and sell more!