Market on a wet and windy day!

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I should have posted a blog about our ‘blustering’ day at Arundel Market but due to a busy weekend it proved somewhat impossible, better late than never!

I’m one of the rare type of people in UK that actually enjoys the ‘British’ weather, dubbed the meteorological Goldilocks, never too hot and never too cold. The constant rain and 2 days of summer is just something I’ve gotten used to. However, when you’ve planned to sell a product at a market the last thing you want is rain… in fact the last thing you want is torrential rain and gusty winds! which is exactly what we had, to say it dampened our moods is an understatement! Unfortunately due to the severity of the weather we only spent around 4 hours at Arundel, so not a lot to say but here are some snaps!

arundel market stalls

Arundel Market rain castle and soft garden twine

Arundel Market stalls photo
Although there was little that happened the other stall holders still had their high spirits which made the journey back to Arundel all that more worth it! Back in September, but for now bank holiday weekend awaits, next stop… Somerset!

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